Customisable offerings guaranteed to meet your organisation’s Social Media requirements.

No organisation can afford to be an island, especially in the age of Social Media. Ensure that you sculpt the right image for your business with THC’s 360 degree Social Media management services. THC’s portfolio ranges from image management over the most popular of social media platforms to full-fledged customisable solutions.

Our offerings in the Social Media management space are:

TriNety – Establish the basic building blocks of your brand’s social media presence (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) with our TriNety package. This highly customisable package can be tweaked to suit your organisation’s social media communication requirements.

Big 4 – Spread your name across the four classic Social Media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) with our Big 4 portfolio. As part of the Big 4 package, THC’s experts will evaluate your social media needs and tailor the ideal strategy for your organisation.

Power Five – Harness the power of blogs along with the pervasive nature of our Big 4 package as part of this service. Power Five is a must-have for organisations which need close monitoring and management of online reputation.

Blog Management – Ensure that customers hear your messages clearly with our corporate blog management services. Right from crafting editorial calendars for your business’ blogs to creating power packed content, our blog management services cover every need of yours.